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Preferred price for holders of a V2 and earlier license. It reduces CPU activity and stabilizes power supply to minimize digital distortion and possible radio frequency interference. See More. I never had imagined, digital reproduced music could be so emotionally involving as with this set-up. Over and over, I find myself listening to the full album; for me one of the most important things, as this is the sole purpose of our efforts : listening to the music.

Due to Audirvana my analog system is not being used a lot these days. As a classical-music reviewer specialising in high-res downloads I have worked my way through most available media players. Audirvana Plus is several cuts above them all, especially in its latest guise v. Sound quality is vastly superior to anything else I have tried; also, Audirvana Plus offers very useful tweaks, a library function and a much improved interface. Quite simply, I cannot think of any enhancements needed. This is very well conceived and executed on every level, demonstrating your deep understanding of the Mac hardware and software platforms.

Audirvana Plus 2. Very nice work, indeed. Audirvana to me sounds so organic and detailed.

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Everything in the mix is so easy to follow and every sound has shape, body and space. The most significant upgrade you can make to you Mac Mini is to replace the stock switch-mode power supply SMPS with a low-noise linear power supply. In addition to upgrading the stock SMPS, the more of the upgrades listed below you make, the higher performance you will have:. Though not audible most of the time, when the self-calibration mode in a normal HDD takes place, data drop-outs and audible time shifts occur.

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For Mac Minis, if you have the tools and skills to change the hard drive, you also have the tools and skills to install one of our plug-and-play power supply upgrade kits. The new late Mac Minis are another story: Apple used three T6 Tamper Resistant Torx screws to hold on the internal metal bottom plate. Currently, we've not seen any place to purchase a T6 Tamper Resistant Torx wrench aside from buying a very expensive professional set. Thank you Apple : P. Our plug-and-play DIY upgrade kit uses a 5.

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Though they are designed for ease of installation without the need for soldering or any electronics expertise, their performance is no where near that of our recommended hardwired installation. If you are serious enough about your system's performance to upgrade your Mac Mini and don't have soldering or electronics skills we strongly recommend that you send us your Mac Mini for our professional warrantied upgrade.

We don't recommend unnecessarily heating internal parts of a Mac Mini with fanless operation using the chassis of the Mac Mini as a heat sink. Though these upgrades do subtly improve performance, they significantly reduce the life of the Mac Mini. Unless you consider your Mac Mini to be a disposable product, like tubes or phono cartridges, you should not do radical upgrades such as these.


We recommend all three. The big concern should be the compatibility of the operating system with the player software, plug-ins, and devices that are being used. And some systems require specific software with DSP plug-ins for equalization, room correction, and digital cross-overs.

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  5. Though discontinued in late , the i7 quad-core is still the fastest Mac Mini ever made. Highly recommended if you are doing any kind of DSP. Switch-mode power supplies SMPS are in wall warts, external brick style power supplies, and all computers. The advantages of SMPS are that they are significantly smaller, significantly more efficient, operate with much less heat, and are significantly lower cost to manufacture.

    Smaller, cheaper, and more efficient The disadvantages of SMPS is they have significantly more noise than linear power supplies. The best SMPS have peak-to-peak ripple noise roughly equal to the most basic of linear power supplies. But ripple is not the only noise SMPS produce.

    Mac App Store: BitPerfect $4.99 (Worth it?)

    They also radiate inductive noise that can be picked up by cables and components in close proximity. And they dump noise onto the common AC ground that pollutes the power of any component plugged into the same AC circuit. Also, when compared to high-performance linear power supplies, SMPS have very slow dynamic response. When reproducing music, slower power supplies sound awkward and less liquid, restrict dynamic passages, mask micro-details and micro-dynamics, and distort the time and tune.

    The three categories of data are: Operating system and software commands.

    Music data going out to your DAC. When data is going both in and out of the same data buss at the same time, the data controller has to act like a traffic cop, constantly stopping and starting data going in each direction. This makes music sound awkward and less fluid. By spreading your data flow over three dedicated data controllers you will improve performance more than having a faster processor, more RAM, and faster drives. And of course use a dedicated drive for your operating system and player software. All computer communication works on a system of checks and error correction check sum.

    The lower the power supply noise, the lower the amount of data corruption, the lower the amount of corrupted data to correct, and the greater the system resources. When you free up system resources with a cleaner power supply a computer will perform as if it has a faster processor, faster storage drive, and more RAM.

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    When a low-noise power supply is used with a Mac Mini the result is more liquid and articulate sound, combined with greater depth, detail, and dynamics. Data corruption can still occur between the RAM and the output buffer, and between the output buffer and the digital to analog converter DAC.

    Unlike most computer communication, the music data that leaves a computer through USB, Firewire, and optical ports is most often unidirectional out only , not extensively buffered, and not error corrected at the DAC. In addition, the system resources required to error correct corrupted data that is being buffered in the RAM significantly slows computer performance resulting in a more awkward and less liquid presentation. So wouldn't it make more sense to minimize error correction required in RAM buffering with a low-noise power supply?

    Reclocking and buffering music data from USB can remove jitter and will improve performance by removing noise, cleaning up the square wave of the digital signal, and buffering enough clock cycles so as to allow all of the bits in each digital word to be read within the appropriate clock cycle. This process minimizes bit read errors in subsequent stages, but it doesn't correct existing corrupted data. If corrupted data exists, unless the reclocking and buffering device has a bidirectional protocol that incorporates error correction, these bad bits will continue through to the next stage.

    Streaming devices receive data from a computer in a local area network either through Ethernet cable or wireless transfer. I'd appreciate any further insights folks may have. Searching around a little, it looks like people have advised not upgrading to HighSierra which was what my Mini came with , so I wonder if it's worth trying to revert the machine to SIerra. I'm starting to think I just need to get a Bleutooth keyboard - preferably one with a built-in trackpad, if such a beast exists that will work with a Mac which a little searching suggests it does not. Last edited: Mar 28, Maybe it is time for you to consider running a music server app instead of relying on iTunes.

    I don't use iTunes. I can play my music on the direct connected amp and speakers, or I can use Plex to send music to my living room HT receiver via airplay from my mobile device. Others prefer JRiver as a music server. Plex is free, mostly, and works fine for me. RTally , Mar 28, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account?

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