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The main issue every hackintosh users faced with Lion, is the boot loader to start the installation in normal PC or in any desktop virtualization software. Please note this is just for testing and learning purpose only. This method is not recommended for production or long term use, also not all applications will be working on Mac Lion virtual machine as its not recommended by Apple company.

Highly advisable to go with original Apple hardware and Mac OS to get the all features and power of Mac. Intel Core2Duo 2.

How to install Mac OS X lion on amd/intel.( virtualbox ) (Niresh12495-Lion-10.7.3-V2)

Hardware Virtualization Technology VT is enabled in the host processor and processor is 64 bit ready. Install the latest VirtualBox extension pack also. This is the very important part in this installation. The ordinary installation DMG file you download from Apple or any torrent sites will not work here. We need to modify some packages and create a new disk which can be booted in VirtualBox or VMware.

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The procedure is already covered in Sysprobs clearly, please check this guide on creating bootable Lion OS X disk. The bootable Lion OS X disk can be created by two methods,. So this file can be attached to the virtual machine as the first disk to boot the Lion OS. This file can be used in VMware and VirtualBox whenever needed. This is also ideal method to use with all virtualization software and physical computer also. Check this guide and make sure your processor supports these features. Do not ask me why, because normal 32bit version did not work on my computer.

This is slightly tricky. My processor is Core2Duo, so I could select 2 processors. Unfortunately during the installation the virtual machine crashed. I had to put it back to 1 processor core. If you are using Intel i-series processor you can increase the number up to 4.

Installing Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard in a Virtual Machine

In all cases we have to set Hackboot. Are you lucky enough? The first screen should start normally. Select the language and continue. Press Apply and close the disk utility box.

Now you should be able to see and select the newly created partition for installation. Select and begin the process. The virtual machine will stop with following screen which is ready for manual restart. Reset the virtual machine from menu. It may give a guru meditation error sometimes.

Trying to run Mac OS X Mountain Lion in VirtualBox Host OS Windows | Tom's Hardware Forum

Do not worry, just close the virtual machine. We need to start the VM now, so load the HackBoot. Incase virtual machine hangs with ash color screen now, again restart. I could play around with few new changes and applications. If this works for you let me know! Posted August 29, I sent you a message on how to do it.

Posted September 2, Posted September 4, Posted September 6, Posted September 7, Posted September 24, Posted September 26, I'm on the same situation. Thanks Hacker Pro!! Am i right? Note: extracting Mavericks right now. Edit1: seems like i can't do what i wrote before because: i'm going to download the smallest linux ever and try with that. Posted September 27, Steps done: 1.

Started Mavericks VM and it booted!! Now i have 2 questions: 1. Posted September 29, It appears from that screenshot you're using Workstation 8. Posted October 2, It's really not usable even keys input is accelerated and it make writing incredibly difficult since every key pressed is recognized 3 or 4 times When i'm about to shut down, the countdown your sistem will be shut down in Prev 1 2 3 Next Page 1 of 3. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

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Register a new account. Sign in Already have an account? Sign In Now. Announcements InsanelyMac Theme Problems with donation. Similar Content. AMD Vanilla Guide. Here we have the AMD Vanilla guide. Compatible from Windows. Click here for the guide. Thanks, Shaneee. I did it again! The whole thing is based in a simple Excel spreadsheet and provides you with a long Hex string you can then inject to your graphics card via Clover device properties.

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Please make sure that you only run this spreadsheet in Excel! I am not responsible for your mistakes. Need help to install High Sierra on my Ryzen 3 g. Some of these guides don't tell you how to partition, please see the bottom of the page for details on partitioning or see Partitions. It is recommended that your computer supports SSE3 for application compatibility, speed and performance. Make sure to check which version of OSx86 you need for your processor. If you're already on a mac use CPU-X.

If you are using Linux, enter the following in a terminal:.